Gun Range Etiquette and Safety

If you are new to shooting whether it be with any type of firearm, air rifle, or bow & arrow, following these range etiquette and safety guidelines will help ensure a good target shooting experience.

Gun Handling & Muzzle Control

At the range or out in the field please make this a habit: always be aware of where the muzzle is pointed (the pointy end of the gun where the bullet exits) at all times! If you are going from your car to the shooters bench, the muzzle should be pointed either up or down or straight to the bench, not toward other people at the range. The same applies as you are leaving.

At the bench, ALL firearm muzzles must face down range. Never, never turn sideways to talk to someone because the muzzle goes right along with you! If you're gonna shoot.....shoot. Then, tell your chatty friends they can talk all they want after you’re done!

Also, don't ever touch your firearms when people are going down range. When they’re all safely back behind the lines and the range is clear, it's okay to begin shooting again.

Ammunition Handling Habits

The above etiquette and safety guidelines hold true when handling ammunition at the range, in the field, or at home. Please make this your second habit: After shooting with any firearm under any circumstances, try to track down and account for all of the ammunition that could be used and/or in some cases reused in the future.

Why’s this so important? This habit adds another layer of safety for those of us who want to be 100% sure (not just pretty sure) that their firearms are empty.

There are, of course, other rules at gun ranges and out in the field, but hopefully developing these two important habits will keep you and those around you safe and alive, and will help ensure a great experience for all!