Peeg Feet Shooting Target ‘Plus’ Kit

Peeg Feet Shooting Target ‘Plus’ Kit


Kit Includes One Target Stand, Two 2ft wood stakes, 6 Peeg Sheets, Quick Detachable-Cardboard Targets.

Product Features:

  • The 100% All Rubber base weighs only 3.5lbs! They’re called Peeg Feet.
  • This base was designed from the start to be much tougher & resistant to an occasional bullet strike. Many gun ranges (including air gun & archery) are banning all forms of metal stands and target swingers due to ricochet-liability issues.
  • Base holds 1”x2” wood stakes with their ‘edges’ facing the shooter, not the full surface area that’s needed for staples, tacks, nails, that can degrade the wood supports.
  • 1”X2” wood stakes (furring strips) are available for sale in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft lengths in most hardware stores in America.
  • The cardboard target is Quick Detachable! The only ‘tool’ required for use is (maybe) scotch tape for some paper targets that are not self-sticking.  They’re called Peeg Sheets.
  • The ability to adjust a cardboard target to make it level even on unlevel ground, higher or lower to meet gun range requirements instantly, using nothing more than your finger is quite remarkable!
  • Damage to the cardboard targets (and wood stakes!) from staples, tacks, nails, etcetera is a thing of the past….
  • Cardboard Target dimensions are: 13.5”W on the ‘face’ X 20”H.  The distance between the 2 wood stakes is 12”.

Made in America.

3 reviews for Peeg Feet Shooting Target ‘Plus’ Kit

  1. Seth Dickinson

    The Wunder Pig Peeg Feet target system is hands down the best around. As an avid shooter, both at the range and on the family property, this target system has taken the work and thinking out of getting set up. This product is easy to use, reliable (stable) and long-lasting. Because of my personal experience with the product, I have also purchased the system for my 12-14-year-old boys and wife. No more hammer and nails. No more worrying about steel at the range. No worrying about a stable stand. This is it. Highly recommended.

  2. Jeff Lillman

    The Wundur Pig is by far my favorite target stand for holding paper targets. The unit is super light and real easy for set up. The base, two wooden stakes and a cardboard base and that’s it. For the use of sighting in your rifle I’d recommend using the 3 foot stakes. it is super stable up to a light gust. On windy days I’d recommend plopping down a couple of rocks on the feet of the base. For close target shooting I used the 4 foot stakes. This was a little unstable until I put rocks on the base of the feet and there were no issues. What I love about this product is how easy it is for setup no more to remember if there is enough staples in the staple gun and not to mention you don’t have to worry about ricochet from steel targets. I love this product Wundur Pig for life.

  3. Greg Cuellar

    Excellent product! Purchased this last fall and haven’t been disappointed. Immediately set it up in my backyard and shot BB’s at it with my daughter 🙂 It’s very lightweight, easy to set-up and doesn’t require any extra tools. Fits my needs perfectly.

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