I’m the NRA Cardboard Refills

I’m the NRA Cardboard Refills


Refill Pack contains 3 Peeg Sheets – Quick Detachable Cardboard Targets


  • The cardboard target is Quick Detachable! The only ‘tool’ required for use (maybe) is scotch tape for paper targets that are not self-sticking.
  • The ability to adjust the cardboard target to make it level on uneven ground and to adjust it higher or lower to meet gun range requirements instantly using nothing more than your finger.
  • Damage to the cardboard targets (and wood stakes) from staples, tacks, nails, and so forth is a thing of the past.

Cardboard Target dimensions: 13.5” wide (on the face) X 20” high.  The distance between the two wood stakes is 12”.

Made in America.


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