All Rubber Base Target Stand

All Rubber Base Target Stand


Includes 1 All Rubber Base Target Stand

Product Features:

  • The 100% All Rubber target stand base weighs only 3.5lbs! They’re called Peeg Feet.
  • This base was designed from the start to be much tougher & resistant to an occasional bullet strike. Many gun ranges (including air gun & archery) are banning all forms of metal stands and target swingers due to ricochet-liability issues.
  • Base holds 1”x2” wood stakes with their ‘edges’ facing the shooter, not the full surface area that’s needed for staples, tacks, nails, that degrades/damages the wood supports.
  • 1”X2” wood stakes (furring strips) are available for sale in 2ft, 3ft, 4ft lengths in most hardware stores in America.

Made in America.


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