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Target Stand Kit


The two initial products, Peeg Feet Shooting Target Kits and Peeg Cardboard Targets being offered by Wundur Pig International, LLC, are the result of 45 years of gun handling experience acquired at local gun ranges and out in the field.

Honestly, if you took away changes in hairstyles and car models, you’d be hard-pressed to know if you were at a gun range setting up targets and shooting in the year 1973 or in 2018! Seriously, things haven’t changed all that much.

For example, let’s take target bases and holders first. I’ve seen 2x4’s nailed together, welded steel bases, store-bought metal framed and all-plastic stick-in-the-ground target holders. Also, PVC plastic tubing glued together. You name it, I’ve seen it, and you probably have, too.

Here’s my favorite: cardboard boxes used as combo target stands/paper target holders. I’ve seen them as small as a shoe box to as large as a refrigerator box (read about it in a gun magazine).

The real truth is that no person or company has really taken a serious look at the materials used to produce shooting target stands and bases that are made and used in America today. That is, until now.

Time for a Change

Revolutionary change is coming to gun ranges and indoor gun clubs as we know them today. The amount of cardboard used for target sheets in America that is currently going into landfills or the recycling dumpsters at gun ranges and clubs is coming to an end! In addition, the rate at which wood stakes/posts are damaged or destroyed prematurely is astounding.

It’s awfully hard to wear out a cardboard target if you’re either (1) shooting through the same bullet holes or (2) simply use your pinky finger to raise the target away from wood stakes that can create ‘shrapnel’ when struck.

It's time for a change. We're proud to bring that change to target shooting enthusiasts with the Peeg Feet Target Base, Peeg Feet Shooting Kits, and Peeg Cardboard Targets.

About Us

My branch of the Skinner family tree originated in the small, southeastern Oregon town of Jordan Valley, population currently 175. It is located just a mile or two from the Idaho border.

Thousands of small towns just like Jordan Valley produced the finest among us: The Greatest Generation. The Skinner side of my family comes from a ranching background that’s still very much alive in JV.

My family moved to Wyoming in the early 1950s and then onto California towns such as Modesto, Chico, and Fair Oaks before finally moving back to Oregon to yet another border town, Ashland. Just before the 1964 floods!

Wundur Pig International, LLC officially started in 2015 in Medford, Oregon. The company’s first two products are related to shooting target stands made of rubber and cardboard targets that are quick detachable.

It took three years of product development, patents applied for, website design and development, and finally products ready for sale that finally allowed me to retire from my 32-year career as a Farmers Insurance Agency/Owner.

I want my grandchildren and customers to remember me as someone who created many jobs in our area and manufactured products using materials and vendors only from the state of Oregon.