How to Set Up Your Shooting Target the First Time

Step 1.  ‘Designate’ a SIGHT-IN target holder. Use a black marker to LABEL and/or DATE IT at the bottom, including those two wood stakes! Raise the cardboard target HIGH on those wood stakes to catch ALL STRAY BULLETS on this target. At the top, I use a Birchwood Casey 3” Shoot-N-C self-adhesive target to focus on.

Step 2.  ‘Designate’ another cardboard target for perhaps a 22 rifle or handgun use only. You may also want to consider a Shoot-N-C self-adhesive silhouette target dedicated to Glock pistols that you shoot in different calibers.

Step 3.  Why all the fuss about Labels & Dates? Does anyone really know how many TONS of cardboard & wood stakes go into landfills after (in many cases) JUST ONE USE? Also, it’s awfully hard to wear these cardboard sheets out when you’re shooting through the same holes - likewise, those two wood stakes when you put distance between them and those bullets whizzing by.