High Wind Kit Fix

At 3.5lbs the Peeg Feet 100% all-rubber base is an incredibly durable/strong base all out of proportion to its size. The rubber compound had to have just enough ‘flex’ that even on cool days it would still adapt to the unlevel ground, leaving the user to level the cardboard target above using nothing more than their pinky finger!

But, for some of you who shoot A LOT in much higher range temperatures combined with higher gusts of wind those ‘feet’ can flex just a little too much and topple over.

Soooo here’s the fix: pick up a pair of those 2ft,3ft,4ft wood stakes you’re currently using (what, at maybe 50-cents each?) and use either duct tape, plastic zip ties, even Velcro to strap them to the base.

It’s a cheap, easily installed attachment that should help some of you AND most importantly to me it’s not permanent and easily reversible!