Looking for Gift Ideas for Target Shooters?

When you have 9 grandchildren it seems just about every month out of 12 has a birthday, school promotion/trip, graduation, and then there’s Christmas. As my grandkids grow older the gifts over the years have ‘morphed’ into basically just two forms: cash or gift certificates. And, to be fair I’d rather have a shot of Novocain than shop for a gift, I’m serious!  It’s Christmas that I have the problem with…

You see, I get the cash/certificate ‘habit’ as we all have very busy lives. The trouble is (for me) that at Christmas time just for once I would like a gift to be appreciated and remembered far more than the time it takes for me to finish a cup of coffee. Not a day, a month, or even a year. No, I’m talking DECADES here…. long after I’m/we’re all gone from this world.

When your grandchild lifts up that 3.5lb all-rubber base for the very first time they won’t know this: the rubber compound had to have just enough ‘flex’ to conform to unlevel ground even on cool fall days. The ability to take an occasional bullet strike that would in some cases (sometimes with just one bullet strike) destroy a frame made of steel, plastic, or wireframed. A rubber compound so incredibly tough, so resistant to wear, this gift will be passed onto one generation after another.

Now, let’s talk about those quick-detachable cardboard targets called Peeg Sheets. When your grandchild lifts those 3 units out of the box they will see messages such as: "Pierce, Merry Christmas-shoot straight!  Love, Papa and Nana" written across the bottom of the target with black markers.

How long will these cardboard target holders last? Since these sheets are held on by nothing more than friction (say goodbye to the use of staples!) to those wood stakes they have an ability to be raised HIGH instantly using nothing more than their index fingers to avoid destruction to the wood stakes AND the chance of an errant bullet striking the base. For many shooters, if these sheets are kept in good storage conditions they will last for years.

The Best Gifts are Lasting Gifts

There’s an advertisement from Browning Arms that’s stuck with me over the years: A poor man can afford nothing but the very best. My product(s) may not be the ‘cheapest’ products out there, but they’ll easily outlast the other two or three similar products along with the additional money needed to keep replacing them!  It’s called VALUE.